"You can't have peace without a war" ~Marina and the Diamonds♥

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Hi friends, this is my first BOTM so please be really nice ♥
Must be following me (calm-and-restful)
Reblog this post (you can also like but it won’t count)
Need to be b&w blog (NO triggering)
What you’ll get:
Follow back (if not already)
A place on my blog for all month
Promos, but you can also ask for them whenever you like c:
Reblog edits/posts
Votes in polls
If I do a next Botm people will have to follow you in order to enter
Advice, help with html, etc…
My love and friendship (provided you want it)
Basically whatever you want
This must get 30+ notes, if not I’ll pretend this never happened :cAnd I’ll pick my 5 or 10 favorite blogs and use a randomizer to pick the winner. This 5 or 10 favorite blogs will be promoted in a list!You have till the 1st of may to reblog!
That’s it, I think. If you’ve any questions feel free to ask ^-^
Good luck!have a wonderful rebloging ♥ 

Sorry for the horrible banner guys! 
Mbf Me
Check out my April Botm
You must reblog this post. Likes will not be counted.
You have to be a black and white vintage blog. 
No triggering blogs
What the winner will receive
Promo’s throughout the month
A follow from me (if not already)
A new friendship from me!
I’ll reblog your edits
A mention in my June botm post
The winner will be chosen on May 2nd
Good luck to all

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